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Blood Bank Guy Podcasts and Podlets are educational videos covering transfusion-related topics.
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Download Dr. Chaffin's 2014 blood bank review notes. Check out the topic discussions on the Acquired B Phenotype, massive transfusion, polyagglutination, and anti-G.

A glossary of Transfusion Medicine Terms is available for your reference.


Ask The Experts your questions about blood group antigens, antibodies, and problems.


Test your knowledge in the BBGuy quiz section.


Common questions received from site visitors and attendees at review courses.

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This website is designed for anyone with an interest in learning more about Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine. Pathology residents, pathologists, blood bank fellows, clinicians, nurses, lab scientists, SBBs, MLTs, and students of all types should be able to find useful stuff here.

"I started this site over fifteen years ago as a place for pathology residents to learn about transfusion medicine. Over the years, thousands of people other than pathology residents have visited as well in order to further their knowledge of blood banking."

"I hope that you enjoy the site and find it useful. Please take a minute to check out some of the cool things you can find here, and please let me know if there is anything I can do better. I love hearing from people who visit the site!" founder and chief author, Joe Chaffin, MD

It's simple: My mission is to make blood banking and transfusion medicine as simple and accessible as possible.